Privacy and mobile phones

Apple have made a change to the default settings of iPhones which should stop hackers and other people unlocking devices without legal authorisation. I’m all for my data and information being kept private but in 2016, even after a court ordered them to unlock a phone they didn’t. The phone in question was that belonging to the San Bernardino gunman who killed 14 people. This move seems to set out to hamper criminal investigations, even though Apple deny this.

Perhaps they felt that unlocking their phone would damage their reputation. People might feel that they would share their personal data and no longer want to buy their products. What about the family and friends of those who died though? What about their rights? What if the gunman and his wife had been in contact with others who were supporting them and even planning future attacks? In the end the court case was dropped as FBI paid experts to develop a way of unlocking it. The company have never been named.

It is good that one of Apple’s top priorities is customers’ private data, which should help prevent fraud and identify theft, but if I commit a crime, should I not lose that right?  Especially if that crime has cause the injury or even death of another person.

Surely if we have nothing to hide, we shouldn’t mind our data being accessed for lawful and legitimate reasons. I know people worry about people misusing their data and it getting into the wrong hands, but there has to be a line somewhere.

Criminals and crime is getting more and more technologically advanced. Many of the large tech companies (such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google) are siding with Apple and the director of the FBI at the time even said it was one of the hardest issues he had ever had to deal with. I don’t know what the answer is. I’m sure there are some very good reasons why Apple didn’t want to unlock the phone, which are way more complex than I will ever understand, but either way, we need to stop making it easier for  criminals to cover their tracks.

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