How technology makes crafting more accessible

Technology has made almost every area of life that bit more accessible. Crafting is no exception. Whilst most crafts do not typically invoolve the use of technology, that doesn’t mean that they can’t complement them. One of my favourite things that technology has done to complement and increase the use of crafting is the website Pinterest. If you’ve never used it, it is a kind of search engine where people share their content. Whilst it was primarily used by women in its early days, the use has widely expanded and is now used for everything from weddings to interiors and of course, crafting.

As a Pinterest user you have “Boards” which usually have a theme or content idea. You then share your favourite ideas in that niche to that board and other people can choose to follow specific boards, or all of your boards and see all of your activity. Here’s an example – perhaps I like crafting, I might have an account which has a board for knitting, another for papercraft, another for embroidery and so on.

Whatever your interests, from planning your wedding to researching financial planning, you can find it on Pinterest.

Another great way of using technology with your crafting is the use of crafting websites and resources. In particular websites that offer svg cutting file can be great sources of inspiration and artwork. The use of SVG (scalable vector graphics) has exploded in the last few years due to their usability, scalability and downright adaptability in different digital environments. They can be used for anything from designing printables such as greeting cards through to moveable and responsive animations. These files are usually really cost effective, especially as you can usually get bundles of these files which are all in the same niche or theme. They can provide plenty of inspiration and ideas for your crafting no matter what your budget.

Not sure about SVG files, well you can always use the internet and technology to learn a new skill. There are plenty of online courses and resources that you can access more often than not for free. For example if you wanted to learn knitting you could watch videos on Youtube and join a forum with likeminded crafters who are more often than not more than ready to help newbies and share their experience and knowledge. If you have a particular interest or hobby, you might even want to create a Youtube channel or website or blog of your own, so you can share your skills and ideas with other people. Down the line you could even use your skills and knowledge in your hobby to make money, by monetising your website with advertising or paid for membership, or going on to sell products of your own.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that technology can complement your crafing and even make it better. Just remember everything from sewing machines to computers for your online designs require technology and so they really do sit well together.

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