Common uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised the technology and resultantly the lives of everyone. With autonomous machine learning several activities are programmed to take place on meeting the certain condition without any human interference. One of the most simple and easy to understand application of AI is driverless vehicles. This technology gives a human-like sense to the machine with intelligence of performing different tasks at the right time.

Let’s explore few of its easiest and common applications for the ease of understanding.

Google’s AI-powered location predictions

Google maps are used by billions of smartphone users and it has become domestic application. You might wonder to think how a smartphone can predict such accurate fastest routes and show the real time activities taking place on the roads. It also shows alternate routes in case the main road is blocked for any reason. Well, thinking about it makes it a miracle and it is all because of the intelligence of AI.

AI autopilot for Commercial flights

Here is another miracle of AI from the airline perspective. All the commercial airlines use autopilots. According to a report from New York Times, 93% of an average flight is AI-steered with only 7% human involvement. The future of AI technology is bright and it may surprise us with more intelligent flight solutions in the days to come.

Spam folder

Spam folder is another smart AI based application which blocks all the emails coming from unreliable or unknown sources. Even though the spammers edit their emails to make it look more personalize to the computer, it still blocks it way from entering your inbox.

Email categorization

Gmail is a common email application and we must have noticed how it has categorized our emails under the headings of primary, promotional and social. It uses AI technology to automatically and accurately route the emails to their relevant category and save our time and effort.

We have also seen automatic replies of the email. Gmail gives us suggestions of short answers to all our private emails and most of the times these replies are relevant and serve a purpose.

Automated financial transactions

Most of us use online banking facilities which allow us to make financial transactions from our smartphones and laptops 24/7. It performs transactions even after the banks close and on days they are closed. Some financial banks have also introduced online cheque deposits which eliminates the need of visiting the bank for checque deposits and withdrawals. It is because of Machine Learning and AI technology that our handwritten cheques are accurately understood by the machines.


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